A Guide to the Perfect Diamond Studs

A Guide to the Perfect Diamond Studs


Let’s Talk Diamond Stud Earrings!

Whether shopping for yourself or a special someone, diamond studs are always the perfect go-to. Everyone needs a pair in their jewelry collection!

So here are a few things to know when picking out the perfect pair of studs:


Prong Setting

Prong settings are the most common when discussing diamond studs, and there are a few different options to choose from. Basket (four prong) and martini (three prong) can hold nearly every shape of diamond stud, with round being the most common. Prong settings tend to be the most preferred style, as they have the least amount of metal used, which allows for light to shine through the stone to give it more sparkle.

Halo Studs
Halo stud earrings feature a center stone with a row of diamonds circling the center stone. This style allows for a smaller center stone to be used with the halo accenting the size and making the overall appearance look larger. Halos can be made for any shape and any stone size.
Bezel Studs
Bezel set studs have a single stone set with a thin edge of metal surrounding it, creating more of a modern look. Although the bezel setting provides plenty of protection for the stone, it allows for very little light to enter the diamond and reduces the sparkle. However, if you’re looking for a different look, bezel is the way to go!
There are other various types of studs in all sorts of styles and many can be found on our website. Just remember, no matter what your style is, Happy Jewelers has something for everyone!

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