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What Are the Benefits of a Lab Grown Diamond?

What Are the Benefits of a Lab Grown Diamond?

Investing in a diamond engagement ring or other kinds of diamond jewelry can be a huge expense, making it the kind of purchase you want to be sure about. 

Unfortunately for buyers, buying diamond jewelry can be a confusing and expensive undertaking. There are many things to consider as a diamond buyer, especially when buying a natural or lab-created diamond. These kinds of diamonds are easy to go over budget with, and there can be questions on whether the mined diamond you are buying is ethically sourced. 

Thankfully, with the growing popularity of the lab made diamond, these issues can be avoided! 

When people think of a lab diamond they might assume these gemstones are not the same as natural diamonds, similar to cubic zirconia gems. That's why we're here to lay down some gemstone education, and explain why lab created diamonds are the same gemstone as a natural diamond. And, even better, these lab made diamonds also have a few added benefits. 

Let's take a closer look at what lab grown diamonds are, and the benefits of lab grown diamonds you should know when shopping for diamond jewelry.

Is a Lab Created Diamond A Real Diamond?

When diamond shoppers first encounter lab grown diamonds, their immediate question is whether or not a lab grown diamond is the same gemstone as a mined diamond. Are lab diamonds real diamonds, or just an imitation? 

We can assure you that lab diamonds are just as real as those that are mined. Though they are grown in a lab instead of mined, they have nearly identical chemical and physical properties to mined diamonds. 

But how does this happen? It all comes down to how they are made. 

Growing diamonds is an interesting scientific process that mimics the natural process that forms mined diamonds. Mined diamonds are formed in the earth, with the immense amounts of pressure put on them from the earth's crust forming a diamond gemstone. When growing diamonds, scientists will use processes like high pressure temperature or chemical vapor deposition to imitate this pressure, creating a man made diamond in a lab. 

A lack of nitrogen found in the man made diamond is the only difference between a man made diamond and an earth mined diamond. Otherwise, both kinds of diamonds are brilliant, durable gemstones, and can be categorized with the same clarity, cut, and color grading scales.

The Benefits of Buying A Lab Grown Diamond 

Diamond buyers might be hesitant to buy engineered diamonds, but they shouldn't be! There are a ton of amazing benefits of lab grown diamonds that make them a worthwhile investment, and for some buyers, a better choice over natural diamonds

Let's take a look at the most common benefits:

Superior Purity & Quality

With lab grown diamonds, you can ensure that you are buying a near flawless gemstone every time. One of the downsides of a natural diamond is that mined diamonds are found in the earth, growing under an immense amount of pressure and withstanding natural elements. 

During their formation, and in the mining process, natural diamonds can come out with defects or flaws in their crystal structure. With a lab grown diamond, the gemstone can be engineered to a flawless finish every time. This means a brighter, cleaner looking gemstone with higher purity ratings. 

Ethical Origins 

One of the biggest benefits of a man made diamond for some shoppers is the fact that lab created diamonds are in most cases more ethical than a mined diamond. 

Diamond mining is a trade marked by violence and controversy. It is impossible to find the true sources of most natural diamonds, meaning there is a good chance your natural diamond could be a blood diamond, a diamond mined from the violent diamond trade. 

Many natural diamonds have sources like these, that fuel the violent diamond smuggling trades and other tragedies that occur with natural diamond mining. While the Kimberley Process was established in 2003 to address these issues in diamond mining, the origins of many natural diamonds still cannot always be traced to ethical sources. 

In this regard, buying a lab grown diamond can help buyers know that their diamond jewelry was ethically sourced, with no possible link to the blood diamond trade.

Helping the Environment 

Lab grown diamonds are also much better for the environment. Diamond mining is a process that requires a massive amount of fossil fuels and other machinery to extract them. Furthermore, diamond mining requires digging deep holes and clear-cutting forested areas, disrupting ecosystems. 

This lack of sustainability gets worse and worse with every year that passes with diamond mining continuing. Lab grown diamonds do not have this kind of negative environmental impact, making man made diamonds a better choice for the planet. 

Better for Budget 

Man made diamonds are also better for most buyers' budgets. One of the reasons natural diamonds are so expensive is their rarity. They are a finite resource on earth, making them harder to come by, especially if you want a pure and flawless stone. 

In comparison, ethical diamonds grown in the lab are in endless supply and thus come in at a much more reasonable price point. You can often buy a bigger and purer diamond at a cheaper price point when buying lab grown diamonds when compared to natural diamonds. 

Get Creative With Color 

Lab grown diamonds are also much easier to find in different color options, especially when compared to their natural counterpart. Colored diamonds found in nature can be rare, making them hard to shop for and expensive to purchase. 

However, lab grown diamonds can be made in many different colorways, and come in at a much cheaper price point. This gives buyers a lot more room to get creative when shopping for diamond jewelry. 

Should I Buy Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry? 

At the end of the day, whether a buyer chooses to go for lab grown diamonds or not is completely up to them. However, we hope this diamond education has helped you understand lab grown diamonds, and their many benefits, a little bit more! 

When shopping for any kind of diamond, do your best to determine your budget, and the preferences you have for your jewelry before you buy. With this in mind, you can better choose if a natural stone, or a lab grown diamond, is the correct choice for you.