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How to Find Out Someone's Ring Size without Asking Them

How to Find Out Someone's Ring Size without Asking Them

Asking your girlfriend for her ring size may spoil the surprise that you’re thinking about popping the question. Don’t worry; there’s a way to find out someone’s ring size without asking them, and we’ll give you different options for you to choose from when guiding you through the sneaky process.

Option #1: Borrow Her Existing Ring

This is our surefire option for choosing the correct ring size, but it’s also risky.

Take a look in your girlfriend’s jewelry box for one of her rings. We don’t recommend borrowing one of her rings that she wears daily because she will likely notice it’s gone, which can send her into a panic or make her suspicious.

Another risk you run when borrowing her existing ring is choosing a ring that she doesn’t wear on her ring finger. The ring finger is generally smaller than the index and middle finger, and depending on her finger size, this can be an entire size difference. Still, borrowing her existing ring, even if she wears it on a different finger than her ring finger, will give you the most accurate ring size to choose for her.

You can either have your local jeweler size the ring, or you can do it yourself at home. The jeweler will determine your partner’s ring size by measuring the ring. Keep in mind that if you take the ring to your jeweler, you will have to return the ring to your girlfriend’s jewelry box without her knowing. This can be difficult under normal circumstances but nearly impossible if you don’t live together.

If you can’t get to your local jewelry store and back without your partner noticing her ring is missing, then you can measure it at home. You can measure the ring using a ring sizer if you have one. If you don’t have a ring sizer, you can lay the ring on a piece of paper and trace the inside perimeter of the ring. Then, take the piece of paper to the jeweler for them to determine your partner’s ring size.

Option #2: Consider the Average Size

The average ring size for a woman is 6. This means that some women can wear a size 7, while others can wear a size 5. This means that you should aim for a size 6 when choosing a ring. The ring finger is often smaller than the index and middle finger. Even if you choose the average ring size of 6, you may still need to size down because you’re choosing a ring for the ring finger and not the index or middle finger.  

Using the average size method can leave room for mistakes, so keep this in mind if you choose a ring size based on averages.

Pro tip: If you think the ring you choose will need to be resized, Happy Jewelers can resize them up or down. You can send Happy Jewelers photos of your partner’s hand and we can guesstimate. Please note, eternity bands can’t be resized and we recommend diamonds either halfway or 3/4ths since those can be resized. 

Option #3: Ask Her Friends or Family to Help

Her best friend or mother may know her ring size, so it’s always a good idea to ask them for their help with ring sizing. Even if they don’t know your partners ring size off the top of their head, they will be able to ask your partner with less suspicion than if it was you asking your partner.

It’s important to remember that the friend or family member who gives you the ring size may not have it completely accurate. Unless they know for certain what your partners ring size is on her left hand as opposed to her dominant hand, then you may need to plan to have the ring resized. For example, if they know she has small fingers or that she wears a size 5 on her dominant ring finger hand, you should plan to size up so that it can be resized smaller.  

If she has a friend who’s getting married, that’s even better. Ask her engaged friend to discuss her ring size with your girlfriend and then have her friend report the findings back to you. Make sure the friend keeps it subtle. One idea is to have the friend mention her ring size and then ask your girlfriend what size ring she wears to compare the two. The friend can mention that she was lucky she didn’t have to have the ring resized because her fiance chose her correct ring size.

Option #4: Give Her a Ring

The ring she may be holding out for is probably not a costume jewelry ring, but at least this option will help you determine her ring size without asking her.  

You can play this off a few different ways. You can say that your mom or sister no longer wanted this ring and wanted her to have it. You can say that your friend asked if you wanted to give it to her because his girlfriend didn’t like the style. You can come up with whatever story fits; just don’t let her catch on.  

If the ring is too big, you know you’ll need to choose a smaller ring. If the ring is too small, you know you’ll need to go bigger.

While you still may not get her true ring size using this method, it will give you something to work with. Just make sure to take the ring to the jeweler so show the jeweler what you’re working with. This will help them understand the ring size and how much bigger or smaller the engagement ring needs to be.


You can find out someone’s ring size without asking them by using one of these four options. Try to be as subtle as possible when finding out your partner’s ring size so that she doesn’t catch on to why you want to know. And if you do get caught? Ask her. At least you’ll know her accurate ring size and it’s better than lying to her or acting suspiciously.