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Can I Mix and Match White, Rose, Yellow Gold Wedding Rings?

Can I Mix and Match White, Rose, Yellow Gold Wedding Rings?

Can I Mix and Match White, Rose, Yellow Gold Wedding Rings?

If you’re keeping up with the latest trends, then we’ve got one for you! It’s mix and match wedding rings, and it has become one of the newest jewelry trends today. You can make this look work by using different styles, metals, and colors. The key is to mix the right metal with the right style so that the look is perfect and uniquely yours.  

Here’s what we recommend:

Step 1: Choose Your Look: Subtle or Bold?

First, you need to decide what look you are going for. Are you going for a bold look that is noticeable or a subtle look that is easy on the eyes? 

For a bold look, you will want to choose two noticeably different metals, like yellow gold and platinum or white gold. This will create a contrast that will be sure to grab people’s attention if that’s the look you’re going for.

For a subtle look, you should choose two similar metals. For example, rose gold is a great metal to use with yellow gold or white gold to create a subtle look when you choose to mix and match wedding rings.

Step 2: Complement Your Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring should be the star of the show and should set the stage for what type of look you should choose. Look at your engagement ring to decide what style of wedding ring band set you should pair with it. For example, if you have a simple, princess-cut diamond engagement ring, you can afford to go bold with the wedding band you pair with it. 

Eternity bands are the perfect complement to solitaire engagement rings because they create a complete look while also providing a clear distinction between the two types of rings, which is the exact goal for mixing metals and matching wedding rings. So take a look at your engagement ring and decide which type of wedding ring will complete your look while also complementing your engagement ring. 

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Step 3: Add Some Color

Don’t be afraid to add in your favorite gemstone for a pop of color to your wedding ring set. Many eternity bands include sapphires, rubies, pearls, and black diamonds as colorful accents to the eternity band. Mixing your engagement ring with a colorful eternity band and adding an additional stacked band can create the perfect mix and match wedding ring set.

Can I Mix and Match White, Rose, Yellow Gold Wedding Rings?

Mixing white, rose, and yellow gold has become one of the latest jewelry trends, and what better way to showcase this trend than through your engagement ring and wedding band? You can create as simple or as bold of a look you want when you mix and match these metals. 

Yellow gold mixed with white gold and rose gold mixed with platinum will always create the most drastic combination. So if you’re looking to create a drastic combination that will be noticeable, then you should choose to mix and match these types of metals.

White gold mixed with platinum and rose gold mixed with yellow gold will create a more subtle look that won’t be as harsh or as bold. This is ideal if you don’t want to bring a lot of attention to your wedding ring set but instead want to create the perfect subtle combination of metals to create the perfect look.

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Go Back and Forth Between Two Styles

Why create one wedding set style when you can have two? 

Some days, you may want to wear a bold look, while other days, you may want to be more simple. You can have the best of both worlds by building two different looks around your engagement ring. 

You can keep your engagement ring as the main focal point of the set and then build two different styles around it by using different styles of bands and metals. You can build a bold combination using contrasting metals and accent colors, and you can build a subtle combination that uses similar metals and colors. 

Often, your outfit will play a significant role in determining what jewelry you should wear. When you have both styles of wedding ring sets on hand, you aren’t limited to just one look; so if you’re wearing an outfit that is already bold, you can tone it down by wearing a subtle wedding set combination, just as you can dress up an outfit by wearing a bold wedding set combination.


What wedding set style do you think you’ll go with? Are you looking at a more bold and drastic combination, or do you think you’ll keep it simple and subtle? Or are you going to take our advice and keep both styles available in your jewelry box so that you don’t have to limit yourself to just one look?