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Radiant Cut vs Cushion Cut

Radiant Cut vs Cushion Cut

Can’t decide on the perfect diamond shape? You’re not alone. There are a number of lovely shape options from an oval diamond to marquise diamond and more! 

When recognizing a diamond shape, both a cushion cut and radiant cut diamond can closely resemble each other at first glance. They both come with large tables, a facet pattern, and rectangle-like outlines producing a high degree of brilliance.

Regardless of their similarities, each diamond cut has a few differences.

Radiant Cuts

While a radiant cut diamond looks a lot like cushion cut diamonds, the difference in design becomes clearer when viewed more closely.

A radiant cut diamond is sloped at the corners, usually at an angle of 45 degrees. This bevel diamond shape at the corners gives the radiant cut diamond a more angular and geometric shape.

Cushion Cuts

On the other hand, cushion cut diamonds have curved, rounded edges and corners, giving them a shape that can be best described as a cross between a round diamond and a rectangular one.

The most effective way to tell a diamond shape is to have a look at its corners. This can help you determine if it is a radiant cut diamond or cushion cut diamond. While this property can’t be applied to every diamond, there are usually variances in the length-to-width ratio of a cushion cut diamond and radiant cut diamond. 

Radiant vs Cushion: Which is the More Affordable Diamond Cut?

Affordability is a concern for most people shopping around for a diamond engagement ring or other diamond jewelry. Cushion cut and radiant cut diamonds offer great value for money because both types can retain a significant portion of the rough mined diamond. 

Typically, cushion diamonds carry more of their weight below the girdle. Compared to a radiant diamond of the same carat weight, cushion diamonds don’t appear as large when worn on the finger. Cushion diamonds tend to be more affordable compared to radiant diamonds for this reason. 

Keep in mind, affordability is affected by other factors such as diamond ring setting, diamond cutting, carat weight, and other characteristics of the stone.


Both cushion cut and radiant cut diamonds are great diamond shapes that can provide an excellent combination of sparkle, timeless style, and beauty.

Since they both retain a significant amount of the mined diamond, they prove to be great value for money, especially when compared to other diamond cut options.