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How to Set the Date and Time on Rolex Datejust

How to Set the Date and Time on Rolex Datejust

Rolex Datejust watches have a sophisticated date feature located at the 3’oclock position. Datejust watches are relatively easy to operate to set the right time and date. However, the specific procedure for changing the date and time depends on the model of the watch.

There are two main categories of the Rolex Datejust luxury watch: Quickset vs Non-Quickset Datejust. Earlier models of the Rolex Datejust, those made before 1977, had the non-quickset date feature. This means that the minute and hour hands have to pass the midnight position to be able to change the date. 

Models manufactured after 1977, e.g., Caliber 3035, 3135, 3136, 3225, and Oyster Perpetual Datejust, have a quickset feature, enabling you to set the date regardless of the position of the minute and hour hands. 

Therefore, the first step when learning how to change time on Rolex Datejust is to determine its manufacturing date.

How to Set Date and Time on a Quickset Rolex Adjust

  1. Locate the screw-down winding. All Rolex watches have a screw-down winding on the outer edge. The screw-down is not only used to change time and date but also to enhance water resistance.
  2. Unscrew the winding crown until it releases from the case. You will need to turn the crown counterclockwise on all models until the crown head releases from the casing. 
  3. Manually wind the watch. Rotate the crown clockwise. The number of turns depends on your Rolex model. Most need to be rotated around 25 revolutions, but the recommended revolutions range between 20 and 40. Check your manual for the required number of revolutions for your Rolex watch.
  4. Pull the crown head to the first notch. (The time hands will continue to run.)
  5. Rotate the crown to set the date. First, set the date to the day before today.
  6. Pull the crown to the second notch to set the time. To set the time, rotate the crown clockwise or counterclockwise.
  7. Set the time to midnight – today’s date will appear on the window. 
  8. Then, proceed to set the time accordingly. Put into consideration AM and PM Hours.
  9. Press down the crown head to lock it back into the case. Wind the crown in a clockwise direction to ensure it is securely flush with the watch's body. Never leave the winding crown screwed up, as it allows moisture and dust into your watch. 

How to Set Date and Time on a Non-Quickset Rolex Adjust

  1. Locate the screw-down winding
  2. Unscrew the winding crown until it releases from the case
  3. Manually wind the watch
  4. Pull out the crown to the second notch (the last notch – skip past the first notch).
  5. Rotate the crown in either direction until the correct date appears. Once the correct date appears, it is in the AM hours. 
  6. Now set the correct time.
  7. Push the crown back to the casing and screw it down to secure the fit.

Resetting the Date at the Beginning of Each Month

Rolex Datejust may have a problem when there is a date change at the beginning of a new month. This is because different months have different days – 28, 29, 30, and 31. Therefore, you will need to manually adjust the date to 1 at the beginning of each month.


You may need to adjust the time, and date function on your Rolex Datejust watch brand for various reasons, including change of time zones, the beginning of a new month, or if it has wound down. The time and date change process is quite simple, as provided above. Always confirm if your Rolex is quickset or non-quickset to establish the right steps to follow for your Rolex model. 

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