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Why East West Engagement Rings Are the Hottest Trend in 2024

Engagement rings are among the most personal pieces of jewelry, making them the perfect canvas to showcase your individuality. To create a distinctive piece that makes a statement without sacrificing elegance, consider an unconventional setting.

This is where the East West ring truly shines. Capturing widespread attention, these rings have emerged as the hottest trend of 2024.

Wondering what makes the East West ring so special and whether it’s the right choice for you? Read on to explore why this setting is worth considering.

What Is an East West Setting?

Most rings showcase their focal gems in a vertical north-south orientation, but an East West setting introduces a fresh style. The center stone is positioned horizontally and lays perpendicular to your finger. This subtle shift brings the spotlight to diamonds and gemstones, adding a touch of chic and contemporary flair to your jewelry.

The east west setting is often seen in engagement rings but is also quite popular in earrings and necklaces.

While round or square-cut gems (think a princess or an Asscher) may appear similar, the distinction becomes more pronounced with elongated shapes such as emerald or oval. To sum up, opting for an East West engagement ring introduces a charming horizontal alternative to the well-known vertical style.

What Shapes Work Best With an East West Setting?

When choosing diamond cuts for the East West setting, it's best to go with elongated shapes such as emerald, pear, and marquise. Selecting the right shape can significantly alter the ring’s personality and character, offering numerous advantages beyond aesthetics.

Emerald Cut

The emerald cut makes a lasting impact when set in an East West arrangement. The understated sparkle emanating from its beveled corners complements the minimalistic East West style, providing a clearer view of the stone's straight and refined lines. When oriented horizontally, the rectangular and sleek structure highlights its step-cut design.

While the faceting of emerald cut mostly exudes elegance, it is particularly accentuated in this orientation, with the flat tabletop appearing larger when viewed from the side.


The pear-cut ring offers a twist to the typical East West style. Its tapered shape combines refinement and a touch of fun, creating a captivating look regardless of which direction the wider end faces.

However, a few considerations are necessary. The pear shape is susceptible to reduced brilliance due to the bow tie effect, and a secure setting is needed to safeguard the narrow end from chipping.


The marquise cut’s symmetry makes it ideal for an East West setting. Its balanced appearance and better finger coverage give the stone the ability to create a striking effect.

Plus, positioning the marquise cut horizontally secures its sharp points, reducing the risk of cracking or breaking of tips. This orientation also helps stabilize any prongs as they become less exposed. The result is a ring that is both eye-catching and secure.


An East West engagement ring already maximizes size, and choosing an oval cut gem enhances this effect further. The oval shape complements the enlarged appearance of an east west setting. Consecutively, its smooth curves reduce the risk of snagging or chipping.

As a bonus, this cut boasts a brilliant facet structure, making it exceptionally sparkly, especially in the horizontal orientation.

However, there are a few pointers to keep in mind. Balance is crucial for east west ring settings to avoid a lopsided look. Although oval cuts are generally symmetrical, extra attention is required when using them in this setting.

Moreover, the risk of the bow tie effect increases with oval cuts, resulting in the appearance of dark shadows in the middle of the stone. These shadows can block light and reduce the gemstone’s shine. Therefore, investing in a gemstone with higher clarity and color is advisable.

Elongated Radiant or Cushion Cut

Elongated radiant and cushion cuts naturally have a more rectangular shape. Elongated radiant gems feature trimmed corners and brilliant round facets, while cushion cuts offer the fiery sparkle of a round cut but with a much more sophisticated contour.

Rotating these shapes horizontally gives them even more presence, making them the go-to choice for luxurious statements in an East West setting.

Both cuts still catch plenty of light with their facet arrangements but with softer corners and sides. These engagement rings feel more delicate and romantic compared to sharper cuts. The result is both edgy and sweet, with lots of light shining through. Plus, an East West setting adds extra safety and comfort, and there’s less risk of snagging!

The Rise of East West Rings

The history of engagement rings goes back centuries, with origins tracing back to the 15th century, when Maximillian I, the Austrian archduke, proposed to Mary Burgundy with an East West ring. However, the tradition didn’t quite catch fire until the mid-1900s.

Ever since then, the engagement ring styles have greatly evolved, going from the Art Deco era to post-war simplicity, 70s boldness, and 90s minimalism.

Surprisingly, East West engagement rings have recently regained prominence in the bridal world. This setting style offers a fresh aesthetic for those looking for distinctive designs while still enjoying the glitz and glam of more traditional materials.

What Makes East West Rings So Popular?

Currently, East West engagement rings are enjoying a renaissance and have emerged as the leading trend in 2024. This renewed interest in their graceful yet impactful aesthetics has nearly doubled on a global scale. 

Adored by A-list Hollywood celebrities and renowned personalities, these rings defy conventional design norms, making them the preferred option for couples seeking to stand out.

Here’s why the East West setting has garnered such immense popularity.

Modern Preferences

East West engagement rings embody a contemporary aesthetic beloved by modern couples. Flipping your ring horizontally is the epitome of cutting-edge. The shapes that are used in this setting are equally on the rise, which ensures that your piece captures immediate attention. Many couples also go for vibrant gemstones over white diamonds to further enhance the appeal of their rings.

Bolder Style

Embracing a bolder style, East West engagement rings are the perfect fit for individuals who take pride in their uniqueness. Placing a gem horizontally along the ring band symbolizes individuality and confidence in breaking norms. Whether tapered or rectangular, such designs never fail to spark engaging conversations.

Ready to make a statement? Choose an East West setting for a one-of-a-kind piece that stands out with its distinctive style.


The East West setting can be customized to fit any style. For those who prefer a simple look with a solitaire stone, the setting offers a master stroke of originality. For those who enjoy personalized features and intricate details, it accommodates them while keeping its characteristic charm. So, whether you want a minimalist design or a fancy showpiece, the East West ring has got you covered.

Better Coverage

To enhance the apparent size of your stone, consider an East West engagement ring. The horizontal orientation offers better finger coverage than the conventional North-South setting. The elongated sides create the illusion of slender fingers, emphasizing the stone’s presence. To sum up, this strategic positioning guarantees a balanced and impressive look.

Better Shine

While a diamond's brilliance depends on several factors like its cut, symmetry, and facet angles, opting for an East West setting can further help in increasing its overall shine.

These settings generally allow more light to enter, enhancing the stone’s brilliance. They make the center stone the main focus, eliminating the need for accent stones.

Additionally, the dark bow-tie effect often seen in elongated shapes tends to be less harsh when they are laid horizontally.


Boasting classic design elements with a distinctive edge, east west engagement rings are all the hype today, and it’s easy to see why. These rings not only exude a timeless charm but also show the beauty of gemstones in a refreshing light.

As modern views on relationships and marriage evolve, so do our tastes in tradition and style. If you’re searching for a ring that defies conventional design or one that symbolizes your deep commitment, an East West ring will act as the perfect piece to reflect the precious bond that you and your partner share.

Celebrate your love with a stunning custom East West engagement ring, carefully crafted with intricate details to represent your forever connection. Embrace the allure of east west setting – designs as unique as your journey together!

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