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How to Layer Necklaces

How to Layer Necklaces

The options are endless when it comes to layering necklaces. However, if you’ve never layered necklaces before, you may not know how to layer necklaces for your outfit. We’re here to make sure you choose necklaces to give you the perfect layered necklace result for any outfit you choose.

Choose Different Lengths

The first step to layering necklaces is to choose three or four necklaces that each have a different length. You should first put on the initial necklace when you begin layering. The initial necklace should be shorter than the other two or three necklaces that you are layering with. Each necklace you add should be longer than the first so that you create dimension among your necklaces.

Combine Different Styles

How to Layer NecklacesYou can choose to layer necklaces that have different styles from one another. This will add depth and contrast that you can’t create any other way. We recommend adding chunky chains or chained necklaces to a delicate chain so that you create a texture among your layered chains.

Wear a Statement Necklace

You should layer your necklaces with one statement necklace that acts as the focal point among the necklaces. This can be a pendant necklace or a gemstone necklace that gives you a pop of color as you wear them together.

Add a Lariat Necklace

Lariat necklaces are great necklaces to add to your layers. A lariat necklace is a longer necklace, between 30 to 50 inches, that connects in the front and has a tassel that hangs down at the closure. Lariat necklaces are a great layer to add because they add dimension in a simple way.

Choose Similar Metals

Unlike stacking rings where you can mix and match metals, it is best to choose similar metals when layering necklaces. This is because similar metals create unity and integration among all of the necklaces.

Wear the Right Top

Whether you’re wearing a dress or a top, make sure the neck allows you to layer necklaces appropriately. Layering a long necklace, such as a lariat necklace, with multiple necklaces won’t give you the best look if you wear a top or dress with a high neck. You will want to wear a v-neck or a scoop neck when layering using long necklaces.

If you are wearing a top or dress with a high neck, you can still layer necklaces. Just make sure you use shorter necklaces to layer with one another, like chokers and delicate chains or chunky chains that are short.

Be You

Make a statement with your layered necklace that shows off your personality. Don’t be afraid to mix necklace lengths with different necklace styles. Just try to use similar metals when layering, and you’ll be able to make a statement with your layered necklaces every time.

Fill Your Jewelry Box

The best way to ensure you can layer necklaces with any outfit you choose is to have a large inventory of necklaces in your jewelry box. You don’t have to do this all in one shopping outing. Just buy one piece at a time for your necklace stack. The Trinity Necklace is a great necklace to have for both individual wearing and layering.

Watch Our Video

For more tips on how to layer necklaces, check out our video for How to Layer Your Necklaces