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8 Different Ways to Build the Perfect Ring Stack

8 Different Ways to Build the Perfect Ring Stack

If you’ve never stacked your rings, you’re missing out. Ring stacking can upgrade any outfit both professionally and personally. Of course, some rings should be showcased alone, like an engagement ring, so that no other ring takes away from its beauty, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stack rings on your other hand.

You can stack rings in different ways to achieve many different looks. If you don’t know how to stack rings, don’t worry. We’re going to give you everything you need to know about how to stack rings with these 8 tips.

8 Different Ways to Build the Perfect Ring Stack

8 Different Ways to Build the Perfect Ring Stack

1. Mix and Match

The first way to build a ring stack is to mix and match your metals. Even though it was once considered frowned upon to mix white, yellow, or rose gold, don’t be afraid to mix. Mixing metals the right way can make the perfect ring stack.

To mix and match your metals successfully, you will need to make sure the rings are mixed on the same hand. This means stacking white, yellow, or rose gold with one another on the same hand rather than one hand wearing one metal and the other hand wearing another metal.

2. Leave One Finger Bare

We recommend leaving one finger bare so that it creates a balanced look. You can choose which finger to leave bare. It can be the ring finger, pinky, or thumb. Just make sure you leave at least one finger bare on each hand when you’re stacking rings. 

3. Use Different Shapes and Styles

Similar to mixing metals, you should also mix different shapes and styles of rings. For example, you can use a ring with a thick band and stack it with an eternity ring or stacking band.

4. Wear a Midi Ring

Ring stacking isn’t just about wearing as many rings on one finger. You can stack rings by adding a simple midi ring to your middle finger on your hand. We recommend keeping at least one midi ring in your jewelry box for any occasion.

5. Wear a Statement Ring

A statement ring is a single bold ring that you will wear on one hand, such as an engagement ring. Use the statement ring to build a ring stack around it. We recommend building a ring stack on the hand's index finger that is wearing the statement ring. You can use pieces that do or don’t match the statement ring. Just remember not to stack so much that it takes away from your statement ring.

6. Stack Both Hands

You should have something on both hands so that one hand isn’t completely bare. This can be as simple as stacking one finger on your other hand or using three rings to place on three different fingers. 

7. Use Neutral Stones

If you’re stacking rings that have a stone, we recommend using neutral stones so that the rings don’t clash with one another.

8. All for One or One for All

Our last tip is that you need to choose how you will stack your rings. You should either stack all your fingers (minus one bare finger) with one ring, or you should wear your stacking rings on one finger.

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To help you build the perfect ring stack, watch our video on 8 Ring Stacking Styles. This will help you build the perfect ring stack.