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Butterfly Jewelry

What’s the Meaning of Butterfly Jewelry?

The majestic beauty of butterflies makes them one of the most loved insects worldwide. Various cultures view butterflies differently. As butterflies grow from ugly caterpillars to beautiful winged insects, change is the most common symbolism associated with them. A butterfly’s metamorphosis marks rebirth and transformation into something more progressive and positive. Thus, the meaning of butterfly jewelry also focuses on this metaphor.

Aside from the transformational change of a butterfly, other meanings can be associated with this exquisite specie. If you want to gift someone with a piece of butterfly jewelry, make sure to know these meanings to make your gift more valuable.

The Importance of a Butterfly Jewelry

They are known for their beautiful wings that flap elegantly as they move in their surroundings. Because of this power, butterflies represent a person’s mental state and the mind’s ability to think and change. It further promotes mental awareness and clears the mind before and during self-transformation.

When picking butterfly jewelry, one must consider the color too. The meaning of butterfly jewelry may change depending on the gemstones that come with it. Since butterflies can bring warmth and joy to a person’s life, they can help lighten up the mood and make changes more bearable and easier for the person to transform.

Know the Meaning of Butterfly Jewelry


Various cultures and beliefs regard the butterfly as a sign of hope. For Native Americans, it symbolizes hope and rebirth. Similarly, Christians also think of a butterfly as a spirit of a deceased loved one to show that there is hope in resurrection after death. 

With this meaning in mind, butterfly jewelry makes a wonderful gift for someone facing challenges in life.

Good Fortune

Japanese culture has many meanings for a butterfly. But, one of the most prominent meanings associated with this winged creature is good fortune. The Han culture also depicts butterflies as a sign of luck.

If you present any gift with a butterfly to someone, it means you want them to experience good luck in this lifetime.

Change, Transformation and Metamorphosis

The best symbol for change is a butterfly’s life cycle from an egg to an adult with stunning wings. Such transformation may be faced with challenges and difficulties, but the beauty of butterflies shows us that everything will lead to a better life.

This gives good meaning to butterfly jewelry for people undergoing a life-changing event such as giving birth or moving to a different career path.


When we look at people we love romantically, there is always that feeling in the pit of our stomach that we can never place into exact words until this old adage, “feelings of butterflies in the stomach.” However, this saying did not come out of nowhere. 

Different cultures around the globe associate butterflies with feelings of love and romanticism. The Japanese relate butterflies to marital bliss, while some in the West practice releasing butterflies during wedding ceremonies for the love and happiness of the newlyweds.

With this meaning, butterfly jewelry can be given to newlyweds and couples. It may even be a good gift to your partner or as an engagement ring or wedding band.

Long Life

From conception to adulthood, butterflies never fail to amaze our human minds. Thus, one meaning of butterfly jewelry worth mentioning is long life. Because of this specific symbolism, most newborns’ and kids’ jewelry have butterfly designs. Butterflies are known to protect kids as they grow up into wonderful adults.

A piece of butterfly jewelry is a symbolic gift to newborns and little kids, which will protect them as they traverse the road to adulthood.


As said earlier, a butterfly has been a symbol of hope after death. With that said, it also means resurrection. Some cultures believe that butterflies contain the spirit of a deceased loved one. The belief is that butterflies connect the spirit world to the human world.

There was even a time when Irish rulers in the 1600s prohibited the hunting and killing of white butterflies. Back then, people believed that white butterflies were soul carriers. Scottish and Irish cultures also believe that a grave with a golden butterfly marks the ascension of a dead person’s soul to heaven.

Keeping this meaning of butterfly jewelry in mind lets you give a symbolic present to someone who lost a loved one. While mourning and grieving, the butterfly jewelry will remind them of resurrection and may help them cope with their loss.

Personal Growth

Transformation comes in several circumstances. With each circumstance you face, lessons will be learned, leading to personal growth. Like a butterfly’s life cycle, a human’s life is also ever-changing. Thus, butterflies also prove to be great symbols for people achieving personal growth in any aspect of their life.

People taking steps to achieve milestones in their life will appreciate the beauty of a butterfly. This makes them worthy recipients of any gifts with butterflies on them.

Is Butterfly Jewelry Worth It?

The butterfly's transformation is similar to the story of an ugly duckling turning into a swan. Such metamorphosis never fails to amaze us. With that, one can never go wrong giving gifts containing a butterfly. 

The meaning of butterfly jewelry depends on the culture, occasion, and beliefs of the person you want to give it to. As long as the gift comes from the heart with careful thought and consideration, it will always be worth it.