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Earrings Education & Buying Tips

Earrings Education & Buying Tips

A pair of stunning earrings complete a woman’s look regardless of what she is wearing. From casual to formal wear, accessorizing with earrings leaves a flawless appeal boosting a woman’s confidence in herself. When looking for a gift for women, you’ll never go wrong with a pair of earrings. But, buying earrings does not come easy if you don’t know what you are looking for.

In this article, we will discuss important buying tips and different earring classifications. This will help you decide on the perfect set for that special lady.

Different Earring Styles

When buying earrings, understanding the various designs helps you choose the ideal pair that goes well with the personal style of the person you are gifting to.


Stud earrings go well with any occasion. This type of earring is small and sits on top of the ear lobe. It fits well and does not droop, dangle, loop or climb, making it the simplest form of earring style for all occasions. Whether for casual wear, formal attires and evening gowns, a pair of stud earrings are always a girl’s trusted best friend.

Stud earrings can be worn in the office, formal events, casual days, night outs, parties and even when staying comfortable at home in PJs.


Hoop earrings are a timeless classic. This earring type dates back to ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia and ancient Africa. In 2500 BCE, Sumerian women adopted the use of hoop earrings as well. As the name suggests, hoop earrings have a round or semi-rounded design. They come in various sizes and styles, impacting the overall aesthetic of the person wearing them.

The hoop style gives off a friendly and approachable vibe to the wearer. Ideally, hoops are worn with a casual outfit of jeans and shirts. The hair can be put in a bun or ponytail to showcase this pair of earrings. If wearing the hair loose, make sure to tuck the hair behind the ear so that the earrings are visible.


Huggies, a type of hoop earring, are rounded. They are called such because they are small hoops that hug the ears when worn. The size of these small hoops is always under 20mm. But, they are thicker in width compared to bigger hoops. Aside from the ear lobe, huggies can also be worn on other parts, such as the cartilage at the top of the ear or the area in front of the ear canal.

The subtle and dainty Huggies look great on any face shape. It compliments medium to long flowy locks due to its minuscule design.


While hoops have ancient origins, climbers are the new “it” trend. Climbers put a unique and modern twist on earring design with its contemporary take on aesthetics. The style is called the climber because it climbs up the ear to fake a multiple-piercing look. A person who wears climber-styled earrings does not need multiple piercings to cover the ear with jewelry since this elongated earring achieves that “climbing” aesthetic.

Climber earrings are very fashionable and can be worn with any outfit. However, they look best when paired with turtlenecks or other high-necked shirts since it automatically draws attention to your face and ears. This is for the bold, fun and adventurous women who love to stand out with their clothes and accessories.


Dangle earrings hang from the ear and move from side to side along with every movement of the wearer. This particular earring style has been around since the Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations, where they were used to represent wealth and status in society. Today, styles, sizes and designs of dangle earrings vary greatly depending on the designer and brand.

Since dangle earrings hang and move, they should be worn cautiously. Wearing dangle earrings is not recommended when babysitting and playing sports. These earrings also should not be worn if the hair is styled loosely since the earrings can catch and tangle in the hair.

Buying Earrings − Pro Tips

Choosing the perfect pair of earrings as a gift for someone or buying earrings for yourself can be overwhelming. However, the right knowledge about styles and their pros and cons allows you to pick the best pair. Here are some careful considerations to keep in mind when buying earrings:

  1. Always consider the occasion and the outfit.
  2. Face shape plays an important role in the style of the earrings that work well for a specific person.
  3. All jewelry is a form of self-expression. Make sure to get a pair of earrings tailored to a person’s unique style and preference.
  4. Hair color and length impact the appeal of earrings. For blondes, gold earrings match well. Red-haired people look good with rose gold earrings. Meanwhile, dark-haired women stun in platinum and silver jewelry.
  5. A person’s lifestyle is a huge factor when purchasing a pair of earrings. An active person might find dangling earrings irritating, while those who live fashionably may find stud earrings boring.
  6. If all tips above fail, one can never go wrong buying earrings featuring the wearer’s birthstone.