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Types of Women's Necklace Chains

Types of Women's Necklace Chains

Necklaces are iconic pieces of women’s jewelry that can be styled in many ways. When wearing a necklace, you can choose from different chains, pendants, and metals. Many of these necklace chains can be layered with one another to create a unique and complimentary look. 

Today, we’re going to discuss the types of women’s chain necklaces, including what makes them popular, how to wear them, and why you should choose them.

The Rolo Chain

The rolo chain is dainty and thin and is most commonly seen on necklaces with pendants, including personalized necklaces and cross necklaces. Rolo necklaces are made up of a series of symmetrical circular links that interlock with one another throughout the entirety of the necklace. Rolo chains are often shorter than most other chains—typically from 16” to 18” long. 

The Rope Chain

The rope chain is the most common type of necklace chain. A rope chain is also called a standard or cable chain because the rope looks like a cable. Rope chains can be worn individually or with a pendant. 

The Figaro Chain

One of the most popular necklace chain style options is the Figaro chain. We see the Figaro chain in many types of women’s necklaces. Figaro chains are typically worn as short as 16 inches and as long as 28 inches, making them the perfect chain for layering. 

The Figaro chain was designed in Italy and has a distinctive design that makes it easy to spot. It has three short chain links followed by an elongated oval link. This pattern continues throughout the entire length of the chain. The links are flat on both sides so that the necklace chain will lay flat against the body as it is worn. It’s a very comfortable necklace chain that is durable but not too heavy. 

The Wheat Chain

Another popular chain is the wheat chain. The wheat chain is made up of a series of small, circular links that resemble wheat pods. Like the Figaro chain, the wheat chain can be worn individually or with a pendant. Wheat chains are popular among women's necklace chains because they are very durable.  

The Herringbone Chain

The Herringbone chain is an iconic women’s necklace that has been popular for decades. It sometimes goes by the name “flat gold chain” because it is a gold chain that sits flat against the body as it is worn. The Herringbone chain originated in ancient Egypt and has been a staple of women’s necklace chains ever since. 

Herringbone chains can be worn individually or added to other necklaces to create a layered look. If layering with other necklaces, you should choose thin, dainty chains like a curb chain or thin rope chain to combine with the Herringbone chain. 

Herringbone chains are easily bent because of the delicate flat nature of the chain. Once the chain is bent, it cannot be repaired. 

The Cuban Chain

The Cuban chain is one of the most iconic chains available. Cuban chains feature thick interlocking links to create a strong chain. Cuban chains are the heaviest of chains and typically the most expensive. They can be worn individually or when layered with smaller, thinner necklaces. 

The Curb Chain

A curb chain necklace is similar to a Cuban chain, but is flat and has open links. Curb chains come in a variety of lengths and widths. One of our most popular necklaces, the Small Block Name Necklace, comes with a curb chain. 

Curb chains are typically short—between 16 and 18 inches long. They are designed to sit high on the neck to showcase the necklace's pendant. 

If you’re layering necklaces, an individual curb chain necklace can be added to other chains or necklaces to create a combination of both chunky and thin necklaces. The curb chain goes ideally with the Herringbone or Byzantine chain to create a combination of chunky and thin necklaces. 

The Byzantine Chain

If you’re looking for the chunkiest women’s chain, you should choose the byzantine chain. The byzantine chain comprises interlocking square links that resemble a box chain. The byzantine chain is also called the four-in-one chain, as individual links pass through four others throughout the sequence of the chain. 

Which Necklace Chain Types Should You Choose?

This depends on what you’re going for. Do you only want one chain to wear that will bring attention? Do you want to show off a pendant? Do you want to layer necklaces but aren’t sure which ones to choose? We’ve got all the answers to help you choose!

Individual Chains

If you’re looking for an individual chain, the most popular options are rope, curb, or Miami cuban.

For Pendants

If you have a pendant you want to showcase, you should choose a simple chain. You should choose a rolo chain or curb chain. These chains are thin, dainty, and durable enough to hold a pendant. 

For Layering 

When you’re layering necklaces, you should choose the right combination of thin and chunky chains. You should also choose chains that have different lengths. 

Here is one of our favorite combinations for layering:

You can also add a Lariat necklace to the mix. A lariat necklace is longer—between 30 to 50 inches long—that connects in the front and has a tassel that hangs down at the closure. Lariat necklaces are a great layer to add because they add dimension to your layered necklaces in a simple way.

Eloise Diamond Lariat Necklace


Women’s necklace chains come in various shapes, sizes, thicknesses, and materials. You can shop all of our chains to find the right one for you! You can wear these necklace chains individually or pair the chains with other necklaces to create the perfect layered look.