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Why You Do Not Want To Buy Directly From Rolex Right Now

Why You Do Not Want To Buy Directly From Rolex Right Now

So we priced you higher than Rolex? Here's why...

Let's start with what a Grey Market Dealer is. A Grey Market Dealer sells authentic products new and certified pre-owned at market prices.

Before the pandemic, buying through a Grey Market dealer meant you would save a bit and pay BELOW retail pricing. Once the pandemic hit, Rolex experienced a huge lack of inventory, so dealers are now paying well OVER retail pricing in order to get the product in, since we have the ability to get them in, even with the lack of inventory on their end.

Just like with cars right now... everything is way above MSRP due to lack of inventory. That luxury car you've been eyeing? You will be paying way above MSRP just to get it.

Rolex Waitlist

Why not just buy it at Rolex if it's cheaper?

If you were to walk into Rolex right now, you would not be able to buy the watch you came to us for. They will put you on a 2-4 year waitlist, (sometimes longer,) due to their lack of inventory. During that 2-4 year waitlist, Rolex will have more than one price increase, and by the time the watch is finally available to you, you will be paying the current market price... NOT what the price was when you were put on the waitlist a couple years back.

The Watch Market has changed dramatically since the pandemic hit. Along with everything, really. Now, more than ever, you want to be buying your luxury watches from a trusted Grey Market Dealer